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Date/Source Document

25 June 2014

London GAC Communique


Consistent with the new gTLD applicant guidebook, the GAC provided consensus advice articulated in the April 11 2013 communiqué that the Dot Connect Africa  (DCA) application number 1-1165-42560 for dot Africa should not proceed.  The GAC welcomes the June 2013 decision by the New gTLD Program Committee to accept GAC advice on this application.

The GAC notes the recent action taken to put on hold the ZACR African Union Commission endorsed application due to the Independent Review Panel (IRP) mandated by ICANN Bylaws.

The GAC advises:

1. The ICANN Board to provide timely communication to the affected parties, in particular to provide clarity on the process and possible timelines

  2. The ICANN Board that, following the release of the IRP recommendation, the Board should act expeditiously in prioritising their deliberations and delegate .africa pursuant of the registry agreement signed between ICANN and ZACR.

GAC Acknowledgement of Register Entry


Next Steps/Required Action


Responsible Party


Target Completion Date


Current Status/Communications Log

Letter from ICANN Board to Heather Dryden re NGPC meeting on 8 September 2014

Board Scorecard - 8 September 2014

The NGPC accepts this advice. The NGPC will continue to provide timely communication to the affected parties concerning the .AFRICA
With respect to the release of the IRP recommendation, the ICANN Bylaws require that “[w]here feasible, the Board shall consider the IRP Panel declaration at the Board’s next meeting.” (Article IV, Sec. 3)

Board Action (Accept/Disagree)


Board Acknowledgement of Completion


GAC Acknowledgement of Completion


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