What constitutes GAC advice?

The ICANN Bylaws require the Board to take due account of GAC advice and also provide that "the GAC may adopt its own charter and internal operating principles or procedures to guide its operations".

GAC members have worked on the basis that any explicit advice, in any written form, constitutes the kind of advice foreseen in the Bylaws.
In practice, the GAC produces various kinds of written advice for communication to the Board, including:

1) letters signed by the GAC Chair on behalf of the GAC.

2) communiqués and submissions endorsed by the GAC at face-to-face meetings and inter-sessionally.

3) overarching "principles" documents, typically developed over successive face-to-face GAC meetings.

4) "issues" documents, including interim issues documents.

The focus of the GAC advice is mainly on public policy issues.

There are also instances where the GAC generates advice on matters related to the effectiveness of ICANN's procedures for facilitating interactions between the ICANN constituencies in support of policy development; for example, the comments formulated by the GAC on the frequency of ICANN meetings.

This website provides advice in all these categories.

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GAC Register of Advice