Below is the list of all the GAC formal Communiques and GAC Principles issued at the GAC's meetings. The Advice Register tracks the individual pieces of advice.

GAC AdviceDate of Advice/RequestDate Entered Into Register
GAC 60 Abu Dhabi Communique1-Nov-1716-Nov-17
GAC 59 Johannesburg Communique29-Jun-1710-Jul-17
GAC 58 Copenhagen Communique15-Mar-1720-Mar-17
GAC 57 Hyderabad Communique08-Nov-16Dec-16
GAC 56 Helsinki Communique30-Jun-16 
GAC 55 Marrakech Communique9-Mar-1614-Mar-16
GAC 54 Dublin Communique21-Oct-1524-Oct-15
GAC 53 Buenos Aires Communique24-Jun-157-Jul-15
GAC 52 Singapore Communique11-Feb-1517-Feb-15
GAC 51 Los Angeles Communique16-Oct-1423-Oct-14
GAC 50 London Communique25-Jun-14 
GAC 49 Singapore Communique27-Mar-14 
GAC 48 Buenos Aires Communique20-Nov-13 
GAC 47 Durban Communique18-Jul-136-Aug-13 
GAC 46 Beijing Communique11-Apr-1318-Apr-13
GAC 45 Toronto Communiqué17-Oct-1231-Oct-12
GAC 44 Prague Communiqué28-Jun-1210-Jul-12
GAC Letter to ICANN Board regarding Early Warning and GAC Advice17-Jun-1223-Jun-12
Costa Rica Communique16-Mar-1220-Mar-11
GAC Interim Principles on IDN ccTLDs10-Mar-1214-Mar-12
Dakar Communiqué27-Oct-111-Feb-12
GAC proposal re IOC and Red Cross protection at the second level14-Sep-111-Feb-12
ALAC- GAC Joint Statement on the Second Milestone Report of the JAS WG4-Aug-111-Feb-12
Singapore Communiqué23-Jun-111-Feb-12
GAC communication on new gTLDs and Applicant Guidebook18-Jun-11 
GAC comments on the Applicant Guidebook (April 15th, 2011 version)26-May-11 
 New gTLDs Reserved Names- GAC Statement on IOC and Red Cross Movement12-May-11 
San Francisco Communiqué17-Mar-111-Feb-12
GAC advice on ICM Registry Application (.XXX)16-Mar-111-Feb-12
GAC Indicative Scorecard on new gTLD Outstanding Issues 23-Feb-11 
Cartagena Communiqué10-Dec-10 
Brussels Communiqué25-Jun-10 
Nairobi Communiqué12-Mar-10 
Seoul Communiqué30-Oct-09 
Sydney Communiqué26-Jun-09 
Mexico City Communiqué4-Mar-09 
Cairo Communiqué7-Nov-08 
Paris Communiqué26-Jun-08 
New Delhi Communiqué14-Feb-08 
Los Angeles Communiqué2-Nov-07 
San Juan Communiqué27-Jun-07 
GAC advice on 16 October 2006 call for Input on the Development of Transparency and Accountability Management Operating Principle2-Apr-07 
Lisbon Communiqué30-Mar-07 
GAC Principles on new gTLDs28-Mar-071-Feb-12
GAC Principles on WHOIS28-Mar-071-Feb-12
Response to ICANN call-for-comments on the revised proposed agreement for the .XXX TLD2-Feb-07 
Sao Paulo Communiqué6-Dec-06 
Marrakesh Communiqué28-Jun-06 
Wellington Communiqué28-Mar-06 
Vancouver Communiqué1-Dec-05 
Luxembourg Communiqué12-Jul-05 
Mar del Plata Communiqué5-Apr-05 
GAC Principles on ccTLDs5-Apr-051-Feb-12
Cape Town Communiqué30-Nov-04 
Kuala Lumpur Communiqué20-Jul-04 
Rome Communiqué3-Mar-04 
Carthage Communiqué25-Oct-03 
Montreal Communiqué25-Jun-03 
Rio de Janeiro Communiqué25-Mar-03 
(Amsterdam - no GAC meeting, no Communiqué)15-Dec-02 
Shanghai Communiqué29-Oct-02 
Bucharest Communiqué26-Jun-02 
Accra Communiqué12-Mar-02 
Marina del Rey Communiqué12-Nov-01 
Montevideo Communiqué8-Sep-01 
Stockholm Communiqué2-Jun-01 
Melbourne Communiqué10-Mar-01 
Marina del Rey Communiqué14-Nov-00 
Yokohama Communiqué14-Jul-00 
Cairo Communiqué8-Mar-00 
Los Angeles Communiqué2-Nov-99 
Santiago Communiqué26-Aug-99 
Berlin Communiqué25-May-99 
Singapore Communiqué2-Mar-99 



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