Welcome to the GAC wiki! The original contents of this wiki have been migrated to the new GAC web site at https://gac.icann.org/. Since July 2018, all new GAC information materials has been produced on the new web site. Effective 18 December 2018, this wiki site will be retired. If you have difficulty finding any current or past GAC information, please email gac-staff@icann.org.


GAC Meetings typically contain a number of forms of documentation that are published on this website for public information. At meetings there are presentations and various types of papers distributed; in addition, at the end of every ICANN meeting a formal communiqué is issued by the GAC, commenting on the issues that have been discussed. Finally, transcripts of open sessions are released a few weeks after meetings. 

Who can attend GAC meetings?

Since mid-2013, GAC meetings have been open, including the Communiqué drafting sessions. This means that anyone can attend a GAC meeting or follow the meeting live online in real-time, or consult detailed meeting records after the meeting. Meetings have been open since ICANN 47.


The exception to open meetings are the Communiqué drafting session that is only accessible to GAC members and their advisors, as well as GAC support staff and Secretariat. It takes place towards the end of each meeting, usually on the Wednesday afternoon and is about a half day of inter-governmental discussions and negotiations on the 'GAC Communiqué’. The Communiqué represents the formal negotiated outcome of the meeting, including the GAC's advice to the ICANN Board. A second exception to open meetings may be GAC agenda-setting conference calls that are not concerned with substantive decision-making. Finally, the GAC may on occasion need to hold a private meeting if the topic of discussion is a sensitive and purely internal matter. In these cases, the GAC agenda clearly shows the 'closed' nature of a session by coloring it in red (See ICANN 52 agenda for example). 


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