ICANN receives input from governments through the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). The GAC's key role is to provide advice to ICANN on issues of public policy, and especially where there may be an interaction between ICANN's activities or policies and national laws or international agreements. The GAC usually meets three times a year in conjunction with ICANN meetings, where it discusses issues with the ICANN Board and other ICANN Supporting Organisations, Advisory Committees and other groups. The GAC may also discuss issues between times with the Board either through face-to-face meetings or by teleconference.

GAC Announcement Archive


13 August 2015

GAC Public Safety WG Public Comments to “2013 RAA WHOIS Accuracy Specification Review"

30 July 2015
Country and Territory Names as second-level domains in new gTLDs requirements for notification list 

21 July 2015

GAC Buenos Aires Minutes
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24 June 2015

GAC Buenos Aires Communique
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ICANN 53 - GAC meetings agenda


28 April 2015

Letter from GAC Chair to Nepal

17 March 2015

GAC Singapore Minutes
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12 February 2015

GAC Singapore 52 Communique
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Geographic Names in the new gTLDs process - summary and report


ICANN 52 - GAC meetings - AGENDA


05 November 2014

Los Angeles GAC minutes 
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16 October 2014

Los Angeles Communique
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Draft document from GAC Sub-group on Geographic Names - Community input sought

The GAC Sub-group on Geographic Names (a Sub-group of the GAC Working Group on Future New gTLDs) has developed a draft document for future New gTLD rounds outlining several public policy aspects related to geographic names and is currently seeking community input on this document:

The protection of geographic names in the new gTLDs process.

A previous version of this draft was presented in a public session during the London ICANN/GAC meetings and a similar session is planned for the October ICANN/GAC meetings in Los Angeles.  The Working Group believes the receipt of community input on the current draft document would be beneficial to the October discussions, and further welcomes comments from all interested parties by 15 November, 2014

Comments may be submitted to future-geo-doc-comments@gac.icann.org .

Comments received will be posted on the Community Input page at: http://tinyurl.com/nc4knhn.

3 September 2014 - IGF Istanbul: IGF Side Meeting on ICANN and human rights. Room 11 - From 11:30 to 13:30 local time

2 September 2014 - GAC Public Forum Istanbul - IGF GAC Open Forum Agenda

 - Fact Sheets AREN , ESFRPTRUZH

Webcast of the GAC Open Forum

Presentation GAC Open Forum

29 August 2014

Minister Ed Vaizey’s report as Chair of the High Level Governmental Meeting held on Monday 23 June 2014 (EN) - العربية II Español II français II Português II Pусский II 中华台北 

31 July 2014

London GAC minutes

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24 July 2014

Letter from Jonathan Robinson on completion of GNSO WHOIS studies

18 July 2014

Email from ICG to GAC Chair

07 July 2014

Letter from Jonathan Robinson to Heather Dryden re IGO/INGO and RCRC issues

25 June 2014

London GAC Communique

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22 May 2013

May ICANN Policy Update

19 May 2014

Singapore Minutes 

15 May 2014

GAC webinar on IANA Transition Process

14 May 2014

GAC webinar on IANA Transition Process 

22 April 2014

Buenos Aires Minutes

16 April 2014

New gTLD .spa - Letter from the Belgian Minister of Economy
Latest GAC Advice: 2014-03-27-spa

16 April 2014

Amended Singapore GAC Communique

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27 March 2014

Singapore GAC Communique

20 March 2014

GAC Singapore Meeting Agenda

6 March 2014 

Letter from Ms. Heather Dryden, GAC chair to Cherine Chalaby, NGPC chair regarding IGO Acronym Protections. - Download pdf

21 November 2013 

Buenos Aires GAC Communique