The GAC Operating Principles contain information about the role of the GAC, GAC members and observers, as well as GAC working methods. 

The GAC does have a specific role to play regarding gTLDs, in particular the GAC Early Warning process and GAC advice and objections.   Further information is available online and can be found in the Applicant Guidebook published by ICANN for new gTLDs,  GAC advice on the topic in the form of letters or communiqués and transcripts of GAC exchanges with the Board and community.  

Briefings for the GAC can be scheduled on a best-effort basis and at the request of GAC members.  An internal process for handling requests and tracking materials is being put in place, but those wanting to make their interest or availability known or to express an interest in providing written materials to the GAC can contact the GAC via


Two-Letter Second-Level Domains

Country and Territory Names as second-level domains in new gTLDs requirements for notification list

GAC Early Warnings

Country and Territory Names as Second-Level Domains

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